Top 5 Reviews of the Best Anti-freeze Brands for 2017

It can be a very difficult task to find the best anti-freeze on the market today. It is such a necessity for your car. The industry has grown so much, there are thousands of brands available. With so many to choose from, which are the best ones? Which brands are going to last a long time and give your vehicle the best assistance that you need? To assist in your quest, we have reviewed the top anti-freeze products from the major brands. We also have here a detailed guide for buying the best anti-freeze.

Quick Look: Our Top Picks

What exactly is anti-freeze?

In order to know what the best brands of anti-freeze are, let’s first understand how it works. When the outside temperatures go down, in order to keep your engine running, you need this very important liquid. Anti-freeze is also known in the industry as a “coolant” and it goes under the hood to make sure the temperature for your engine and the important aspects of the car maintain the proper temperature. If you did not have anti-freeze during cold weather, your car would not work; the engine simply could not run. More importantly, your engine may overcompensate and overheat, which could cause cracking that might destroy your engine.

How do you use anti-freeze?

Anti-freeze is supposed to be put in your car’s radiator. You put it into your radiator through a different tube that will connect directly to your engine. NEVER pour it directly into the radiator as it is very dangerous and can burn the engine if it hasn’t cooled down. The coolant is sent in a circular motion outside of the radiator and is pushed by your water pump. This entire cooling process is a repetitive cycle that will keep your car long-lasting and safe from outside harm.

The 5 Best Anti-freeze Brands

BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant

We wanted to start off with this brand because BMW is as reliable as reliable gets. It is a trusted brand and resource! Every product from BMW is high quality and is a product that you can trust. On top of that, they have fantastic customer service that provides you with everything you need to know in case something goes wrong, or you have never used it before.

This particular anti-freeze is a one-gallon bottle and is an ethylene glycol-based product. It will definitely protect most metals found in a vehicle such as cast iron, steel, and aluminum. The entire product itself weighs 9.7 pounds and its main goal is to keep your car running during the colder times of the year.

Even though the title says “grey antifreeze,” only the bottle is grey, it is still the BMW blue coolant. It also has to be mixed with distilled water (a 50-50 mix). This is also very affordable and great to use.

Warning with this product: It must not come into contact with pets or young children, as it is highly dangerous! Keep it in a special place that they cannot get to and also handle with care!


  • Very affordable for such a quality product

  • Will last a long time

  • Definitely works

  • Feels like magic


Audi Coolant Antifreeze Antigel Refrigerant

Audi Coolant Antifreeze Antigel Refrigerant

Again, just like the coolant described above, this product comes from another incredibly reliable brand. Audi makes a fantastic line of safe, fast, incredible cars and they know owners of their vehicles want the best to put in them. That is why they can be trusted--They make high-end products at affordable prices.

This specific antifreeze product is extremely well priced. It is compatible with aluminum metals and is primarily made from ethylene glycol. It has been built to use year round to protect your vehicle from heavy frost on cold days, and overheating during hot days. It also will fight against corrosion and any calcium deposits throughout the engine and transmission. It can be used for any type of engine that you may have. This is the G12 Plus model, but it can also be used with the G11, G12 and G12 Plus earlier model if you have any left over.

Audi recommends that you used this with any domestic and foreign gasoline, propane, and even diesel-powered cars/trucks.


  • Fantastic price

  • Most economical choice

  • This is high-end product

  • Works like a charm


  • Not diluted, make sure to read the manual ahead of time

Genuine Ford Fluid VC-3DIL-B Orange Pre-Diluted Antifreeze Coolant

There is a common theme within these products: They are all high-end brands. This is something we strongly care about because we want you to get the best bang for your buck. This product comes from Ford, one of the most well-known brands of vehicles across the USA. Ford makes fantastic trucks and everyone who owns one needs a coolant to help make their vehicle run smoothly year round.

This specific anti-freeze is the color of orange and, like the ones before it has a base of ethylene glycol. This brand has a longer life than most and can be used in both gasoline and diesel engine vehicles. It will work throughout the year and protect you from any boiling or corrosion under the hood. Unlike the previous two brands, this antifreeze is fully ready to use and you don’t need to add water. It can protect your car from freezing temperatures all the way down to -37° Celsius, up to boiling temperatures of 129° Celsius. It is equipped with a bittering agent.

Just a warning: Never mix different colors or various brands of coolant in your vehicle as it will do major damage. This is why Ford has made theirs the color orange.


  • Fully ready to use, no need to mix at all

  • Protects in very cold and very hot temperatures

  • Affordable


  • Has the ability to dry up after opening, may need to replace often

Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant, Concentrated

Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant, Concentrated

The next two brands on this top-five list are not as well-known as the previous three, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth taking a look at. This Zerex model has been developed by Valvoline, a highly respected and extremely affordable brand. If you are on a tight budget, this is definitely the product for you.

This 1-gallon antifreeze has been made to be used on both gasoline and diesel engines. It has a lower silicate level, the pH is lowered, and is fully free of any phosphates. It uses high-end European technology to ensure all metals are protected, including aluminum, from corrosion of any kind.

This model also contains nitrite and can protect diesel engine cylinders from any cavitation. It also is equipped with deposit-control additives to protect from any hard water deposits that you may encounter.

The Zerex G-05 also has a state-of-the-art defoaming system that will not harm any finishes on the vehicle or any hoses on the inside. It also will not harm any plastics.


  • Fantastic, cheaper alternative to the big name brands

  • Inexpensive, affordable

  • Clear appearance fluid

  • Works fantastic with all vehicles


  • Have to mix with water

OES Genuine Coolant/Antifreeze 1 Gallon

The final product on our list today is another less familiar brand of antifreeze. Whenever it is not one of the more well-known products, we have to dive in a bit further to make sure it is worth the purchase. However, our experience with OES Genuine has been fantastic and they create products that are long lasting, affordable, and work every time.

This particular coolant helps prevent any corrosion underneath the hood of your vehicle. This brand lasts 100,000 miles/10 years and that is simply fantastic. This is a genuine product that is worth taking a look at.


  • Works great

  • Easy to use

  • Long lasting



Plain and simple, if you own a vehicle, you need an anti-freeze. The reason we encourage you to look at these five is to save you money. Yes, you can definitely go to your local dealership and they will do it for you, but it is more important to learn how to do it yourself to save money over time. It is not a difficult process.

As mentioned before, these coolants and anti-freeze products are dangerous for human or animal consumption so they must be handled with care. We encourage you to keep them in a safe place in your garage. All five of the products listed above are fantastic and we highly recommend them.

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